1948 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce Limousine Classic Car Rentals for Weddings

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Classic Wedding Car
256 Central Avenue, #456
Roselle, IL 60172

About Classic Wedding Car


• 25+ years of wedding transportation experience
• Luxury wedding transportation is our specialty
• Customized events for different styles & tastes
• Exceptional client feedback & testimonials
• Attentive and professional chauffeurs
• Located in the Chicago area
• Formerly known as Classic Chassis

Owner & Event Consultant
Sarah Mandel, Owner of Classic Wedding Car, Chicago, IL

I've loved antique automobiles since I was a child taking road trips with my family. I learned to identify makes and models by their tail fins, grills, headlight configuration, etc. Oh, and of course the mascots on the hoods. When my husband picked me up for our first date in a vintage Mercedes, I fell in love with the car first and then found a soul mate to share my love of vintage cars.
My husband's family was in the limousine business, and when we purchased our first Rolls Royce in 1985, we hired it out through the family business. By the time my in-laws retired from the business ten years later, we owned two Rolls Royce vehicles. I started my own business, "Classic Chassis" and decided to focus on classic cars for weddings and other special events. To keep up with the times I changed the name of the business to "Classic Wedding Car". Essentially, I have been in the business for over 30 years.
As clients began to request limousines, trolleys, buses, SUVs and other vehicles to transport their wedding parties, I began to diversify. The companies I work with are hand-selected to meet the company standards of quality and service and this is confirmed by the clients themselves through the customer satisfaction survey we send following each event. The survey is a great tool, but the unsolicited "Thank you" notes and wedding photos are further proof that we are "doing something right."
I have provided multiple cars for large weddings and corporate charters in the past; and for a time provided cars for movies, television and photographic opportunities. This expansion was precipitated by an email from a representative of Clint Eastwood, who had found our website while filming the movie, "Flags of Our Fathers" in Iceland. His request for one or two cars from our website led me to volunteer to find him whatever cars he needed. In the end, approximately 60 vehicles were provided for the five days of filming "Flags" in Chicago. Since that break into "showbiz", I have supplied cars for a Columbia School of Film short, "Small Assassin" by Ray Bradbury, a Touchstone Studios pilot named, "Enemies" that was recently picked up by ABC, an episode of "Cold Case" called "The Black Dahlia", the movie "Quebec", and various short films and photo shoots. Our most recent venture was to provide stunt cars for an Allstate Insurance commercial in which they launched a car from the parking deck of Marina Towers into the Chicago River.